Aircraft Pre-Purchase Reviews

Let the buyer beware!  

Unless you are buying a brand new aircraft from a manufacturer, your purchase will most likely be “as is, where is.”   The only effective way to for you to learn of any shortcomings in the aircraft, or in its maintenance records, is to have it subjected to a “pre-purchase review.”  So meet with a mechanic you can trust, and one who has experience working on the make and model you have targeted, and work up a scope for the pre-purchase inspection.   This usually will include a flight test, some laboratory testing such as oil analysis, a physical inspection of the engine, components, and airframe.

Annual Inspections

An annual is a required airworthiness inspection of your aircraft from top to bottom,  an investigation that troubleshoots potential problems while ensuring continued compliance with FAA regulations.

Boshart Enterprises skilled, knowledgeable aircraft technicians begin the inspection of your aircraft using a standard inspection report.  This “checklist” assures the complete and total inspection of your aircraft.

Keeping an aircraft safe and airworthy requires dedication and attention.  Boshart Enterprises is proud to offer our services as the FAA Certified Repair Station chosen by aircraft owners like you that take pride in your aircraft while focusing on safely.